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Pic shows: Kids run in this bull run where the bull are sustituted by giant balls.nnSpanish Town Hall officials took the bull by the horns when animal right protestors accused their ancient bull run of being cruel – and replaced the steers with giant bouncy balls.nnThe bizarre ball run – in Mataelpino – has now replaced the traditional sight of crazed bulls tearing through the streets being tormented by spectators.nnInstead, runners now try to outpace the polystyrene balls as they race downhill to the town’s old bull ring.nn”You still have to look out because some of those bigger balls can weigh 125 kilos and go pretty quickly,” said Town Hall spokesman Tiago Cedillo (NRN).nnDelighted officials say revenue from visitors has increased since they scrapped the use of live bulls.nn”It was the tradition but it was a dying one. People don’t want to see frightened animals running for their lives any more.nn”Many of the animals were hurt or traumatised and it wasn’t fair on them,” said one.nnJust last week a man was gorged by a bull during a bull race in Duenas, a town in the northern Spanish province of Palencia.nnEye-watering footage of a bull run steer getting his own back on one of its tormentors has become an online video hit in Spain.nnThe 51-year-old victim Jose Briseno can be seen throwing a water bottle at the raging bull during the traditional night time run.nnBut as he turns to flee, the bull corners him and hurls him into the air with his razor sharp horns.nnThen as the crowd groans, the bull tosses him up for a second time using his horns before trampling him under his hooves into the ground.nnSpectator Amandio Frias said: “The man was tossed around by the bull and was screaming in pain as horrified spectators watched on helpless.nn”He was one of several tormenting the bull and trying to get the bull to notice him.nn”Unfortunately for him, the bull really did notice him and gave him his full attention,” he added.nnOfficials say the victim is recovering in hospital from severe gore wounds.nn”It is part of the experience of a bull run. Sometimes the bull has his way, sometimes you have yours. It is a chance you take when you take part in such races. Bulls are dangerous creatures and every year people get seriously injured and even killed by the creatures.” one official said.nn(ends)n

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